Friday, 26 March 2010

Polkadoodle My Sketch Black + White

Hello you lovely, lovely people. Well the time has finally arrived, it's mine turn to take the Polkadoodles reins (I know I can hear you shouting 'are they mad?'). This week am I asking you to follow my sketch and use the following colours Black & White + 1 other colour of your choice. So hear is the sketch you need to follow:
I have chosen to make a box for this one, instead of making a card. It's only a simple pizza style box....and my chosen colour is PINK, love it.
For this box I have used the Love and Cherish CD from Polkadoodles. I really love the flower templates on this CD, which I have used and printed onto some of the patterned paper. Then just some simple detail with stick on pearls and some Martha Stewart edging.
The box is one piece and I have made a belly band to go around the whole of the box to secure it. I stuck my image and the ribbon to the band, just for a different dimension.
As you can see I have also decorated the inside. Anyway enough of my pictures. Use the sketch as you will.............I can't wait to see what you have come up with. Take care Nettie.xx

Thursday, 25 March 2010

21 Week Scan

Well I thought I would update you all on my scan I had this week, very interesting!! Also wanted to post the pictures for you, as I know some of you are interested.
As you know my mum came with me this time as Chris was busy working, so we both had a good giggle. Even as we were sitting in the waiting room Peanut was bouncing around in there. When we got into the room and the scanner was placed on my belly, the baby was going nuts. It was kicking and punching it's arms and legs, it would be face up and then face down and then it would curl up in a ball. The poor lady doing the scan had a very hard time checking everything, but after half an hour I think we got there. Now some of you laides may say, 'oh yes, I had that with mine'. Being my first baby it did make me laugh.
The above picture is face on I think, looks like an alien. Now I have been told that Peanut has above average long legs, which is laughable. Anybody that knows me, knows I take after my dad and I am only 5ft. So it must take after Chris because he is 6ft tall. Damn and I thought I was going to get a nice ickle baby. I will leave you with these pictures. I could have stayed in that room all day watching it bouncing around. I will be back tomorrow morning with another Polkadoodles Challenge. Take care Nettie.x

Monday, 22 March 2010

Easter Basket

Morning everybody, please don't faint but I was awoken very early this morning by banging. So on that note I have cleared all my household chores and now I thought I pop a post on!
I have put some pictures of an easter basket I made on here, that was for a class at our local Hospice. My mum and I regularly visit for the day to show them how to make different bits and bobs. We usually make different albums or keepsakes that they can keep photographs in or give to loved ones. Last week we added a bit of eater into the mix.......
The link to make these baskets is here and they take all of a minute to make. So if you wanted to give something different to the children this easter, then have a go. It would probably work out a lot cheaper than an easter egg. It does actually fit 3 Cadbury's Creme Egg, exactly.
I was preparing for our day at the Hospice the night before, as you do. The time before we made quite a mess everywhere so I decided to take a really small cardboard box, for rubbish. Now this box is only about 15cm x 15cm. I placed it on the floor to put in my bag guessed it Harmonny got in it!! First went in the head and the front legs and I looked at Chris, to say well she won't fit in there and before I knew it there she was sitting inside the whole thing.............................................take a look.
This particular cat has turned maternal. It bad enough try to sleep in a comfortable position, but I am waking up to find a cat asleep on peanut. She also has a habit of following me everywhere. Pregnancy update for those of you wanting to know, I will be 21 weeks tomorrow. Mum and I are off for the 20 week scan, which is where you can find out the sex of the baby. Chris and I have decided not to find out as we want a surprise, but I have been promised not to secretly ask the lady doing the scan.............I might just have a peek though. It's my week for the Polkadoodles challenge this week so come and check it out on Friday. Take care Nettie.xx

Friday, 19 March 2010

Polkadoodle Blue and Brown Sketch

Hello peeps, sorry but I'm only averaging one post a week at the moment. I will try and do better.....I have some funny pic's to share with you but will try and post these at the weekend. Well, it's Nikky's turn this week and we have been tasked to follow the above sketch and use Blues and Browns..........
I decided to make this card for my dad, even though his birthday is not until June!! Hey, it's never too early to be organised, especially I have been told when you start to have children!!! I have used templates and papers from the new Paper Boutique CD, at Polkadoodles for this one.
I love the new CD, it allows you to add your own toppers to your cards. Just print out the different toppers/images and layer up. I'm sure my dad will love this one.
So plenty of pictures here, I was make use of the daylight (well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!)
I will pop back at the weekend with those pictures for you. Also mum and I have been making easter baskets at the local hospice, they went down a

Friday, 12 March 2010

Polkadoodle Milestone Birthday Card

It's another week here at Poolkadoodles and it's Fliss' turn to take the rein's. Fliss' daughter will be turning 21 and she has asked us to create a Milestone Card using any Polkadoodles CD.
My cousin Gavin is 30 in a few weeks time and I adore him to bits. You can always be gauranteed to smile and laugh when you in his company, so I wanted my card to reflect his personality. I have used papers and text from the Back to Nature CD. I decided not to pop any images on my card as the numbers are so large.
I layered the large numbers with some patterned paper from the CD and then I glazed the circles on the patterned paper. After that dried I then sprinkled the edges with some blue glitter. I also printed out some circle text to spell out Happy and layered this onto some edged acetate.
I just hope that Gavin like's this card, I now have to find a funky gift to go with this! Pregnancy update for those of you following along (19 weeks now), Peanut is now getting bigger. It feels and looks like I ate way too..........many pies, lol. I'm quite lucky that I have scan's every four weeks to make sure things are ok. My nephew Freddie came to my last scan and looked like a goldfish whilst staring at the screen. He handed over his pocket money in order to get his own print out picture of peanut, bless. Anyway, enough of my ramblings and I hope to see your cards on our challenge site this week. Take care Nettie.xx

Friday, 5 March 2010

Polkadoodles Wings and Things

Hello's Brenda's turn this week to set the challenge and we were tasked to make our projects with wings and something stamped. I think the new Paper Boutique has endless possibilities and the images are so cute. So I have used the two cute owls from the CD for my card this week.

The new CD allows you to layer these little beauties up on both the front and the back, with simple instructions. I have attached the owls at the side of the card so that the backs can be seen.

We had some really fantastic cards and projects for last weeks challenge, so hopefully we will see some of you back for this weeks challenge. Sorry but I have to pop off now as too much to do. Take care Nettie.xx

Monday, 1 March 2010

LSS Nature Card

Hello peeps, I'm back!! I know I have been lacking in blogging lately but hopefully I can make up for it with this post. This week over at Lindsay's Stamp Stuff, it's Nature week. I have used the Pretty Primative set this week, which are ideal for the Nature theme. Although if you take a peek over at Lindsay's store you find plenty more to fit with our theme.
I have coloured this set twice and layered the flowers up to give them more dimension. Now I have a question for all you crafty ladies out there. Have you ever almost finished a card or craft project and then destroyed it in seconds???? I did today........................................
I had almost completed this card and I wanted to add some embellishments, so without thinking I reached up and grabbed for my box. In one swift action and without having time to think, I managed to knock over my large class of drink and not only did it go over my card but my whole desk and all my crafty stock. Now this wasn't a glass of water it was a glass of juice so needless to say it's left everything a bit sticky. I have to apologise to my unborn child because I did let out quite a few explitive's. So I grabbed a towel, mopped up and started again!! So becareful where you put things when you are getting creative,lol.
Take care and I will be back soon this week. Nettie.xx