Monday, 1 March 2010

LSS Nature Card

Hello peeps, I'm back!! I know I have been lacking in blogging lately but hopefully I can make up for it with this post. This week over at Lindsay's Stamp Stuff, it's Nature week. I have used the Pretty Primative set this week, which are ideal for the Nature theme. Although if you take a peek over at Lindsay's store you find plenty more to fit with our theme.
I have coloured this set twice and layered the flowers up to give them more dimension. Now I have a question for all you crafty ladies out there. Have you ever almost finished a card or craft project and then destroyed it in seconds???? I did today........................................
I had almost completed this card and I wanted to add some embellishments, so without thinking I reached up and grabbed for my box. In one swift action and without having time to think, I managed to knock over my large class of drink and not only did it go over my card but my whole desk and all my crafty stock. Now this wasn't a glass of water it was a glass of juice so needless to say it's left everything a bit sticky. I have to apologise to my unborn child because I did let out quite a few explitive's. So I grabbed a towel, mopped up and started again!! So becareful where you put things when you are getting creative,lol.
Take care and I will be back soon this week. Nettie.xx


  1. Hi Nettie

    This really has brightened my day, it's so pretty and makes me think that perhaps Spring is close.

    B x

  2. I love this of my favorites! I love the popped up flowers too...I just ruined a card last week :( It must happen to and learn-LOL!

  3. Beautiful card, so elegant!

    Saskia :)

  4. Oh yes, dear I have been there, I spilled a glass of red wine on my digital camera when photographing a craft project for a magazine! Talk about a sticky mess! Luckily the camra cleaned up ok but every now and then the lens doors stick shut LOL!

  5. Oh I hate when accidents like that happen. Your new card is very lovely. It is so bright and cheery - I just love it. I like the extra dimension from popping up the flowers.

  6. Gorgeous card Nettie and the stamp set is really lovely. And yes, I've had an accident too with extremely sticky double sided tape which I managed to catch on the card blank and lost my stamped background! A real nuisance to have to start again.
    Good to see you back and hope you're OK.

  7. Really pretty, love how you've coloured the flowers, great choice of colours.
    Hope you're doing ok. :)xx

  8. ooohh I love this! I love how you added depth & dimension by layering 2 of the blooms. Very cheerful .... love it.

  9. Gorgeous card! Love the popped flowers.


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