Thursday, 25 March 2010

21 Week Scan

Well I thought I would update you all on my scan I had this week, very interesting!! Also wanted to post the pictures for you, as I know some of you are interested.
As you know my mum came with me this time as Chris was busy working, so we both had a good giggle. Even as we were sitting in the waiting room Peanut was bouncing around in there. When we got into the room and the scanner was placed on my belly, the baby was going nuts. It was kicking and punching it's arms and legs, it would be face up and then face down and then it would curl up in a ball. The poor lady doing the scan had a very hard time checking everything, but after half an hour I think we got there. Now some of you laides may say, 'oh yes, I had that with mine'. Being my first baby it did make me laugh.
The above picture is face on I think, looks like an alien. Now I have been told that Peanut has above average long legs, which is laughable. Anybody that knows me, knows I take after my dad and I am only 5ft. So it must take after Chris because he is 6ft tall. Damn and I thought I was going to get a nice ickle baby. I will leave you with these pictures. I could have stayed in that room all day watching it bouncing around. I will be back tomorrow morning with another Polkadoodles Challenge. Take care Nettie.x


  1. So happy things are going well!

  2. I am happy to hear you both are doing so well!

  3. Oooo great photos Nettie - penut sound like he/she was having fun! Take care and thanks for sharing Claire x

  4. awwwww, too cute nettie!! peanut seems to be a busy little bunny in there!!!xxx


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