Monday, 22 March 2010

Easter Basket

Morning everybody, please don't faint but I was awoken very early this morning by banging. So on that note I have cleared all my household chores and now I thought I pop a post on!
I have put some pictures of an easter basket I made on here, that was for a class at our local Hospice. My mum and I regularly visit for the day to show them how to make different bits and bobs. We usually make different albums or keepsakes that they can keep photographs in or give to loved ones. Last week we added a bit of eater into the mix.......
The link to make these baskets is here and they take all of a minute to make. So if you wanted to give something different to the children this easter, then have a go. It would probably work out a lot cheaper than an easter egg. It does actually fit 3 Cadbury's Creme Egg, exactly.
I was preparing for our day at the Hospice the night before, as you do. The time before we made quite a mess everywhere so I decided to take a really small cardboard box, for rubbish. Now this box is only about 15cm x 15cm. I placed it on the floor to put in my bag guessed it Harmonny got in it!! First went in the head and the front legs and I looked at Chris, to say well she won't fit in there and before I knew it there she was sitting inside the whole thing.............................................take a look.
This particular cat has turned maternal. It bad enough try to sleep in a comfortable position, but I am waking up to find a cat asleep on peanut. She also has a habit of following me everywhere. Pregnancy update for those of you wanting to know, I will be 21 weeks tomorrow. Mum and I are off for the 20 week scan, which is where you can find out the sex of the baby. Chris and I have decided not to find out as we want a surprise, but I have been promised not to secretly ask the lady doing the scan.............I might just have a peek though. It's my week for the Polkadoodles challenge this week so come and check it out on Friday. Take care Nettie.xx


  1. omg nettie, 21 weeks already?! wheredoes the time go. i love your cute baskets, might have to give them a go and how cute does your little kitty look in her box?!!! xxxxx

  2. Hi Nettie

    An adorable Easter basket and thaks for the tut link.

    So pleased you are keeping well, bet you are looking forward to the scan. I am like you on knowing the sex, I think that's all part of the excitement of giving birth.

    B x

  3. 21 weeks! It hardly seems possible. I didn't know with my first but by No.2 I spotted the obvious at my scan.
    Great Easter basket...and how cute is pussy cat - I'm sure I have a few photos of my cats up to that! Cheers Claire x

  4. HI Nettie
    can't stop laughing over the antics of your cat as I really don't see how the umper lumper got herself in the box.
    Really lve your card & easter basket.
    I must make sure I make the holes on my next basket before making it up next time not like last week.
    Sleep tite xxx

  5. I love the bright colors on the baske, and of course I always love seeing the kitties! Someday we will see photos of a new little one :)


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