Wednesday, 12 May 2010

28 Week Peanut Pictures.....

Well, finally as promised here are the 28 week scan pictures that were taken yesterday. Peanuts limbs are measuring two weeks ahead of the 28 weeks, so I'm scared about how big baby is going to be.
It's getting harder to see everything now on the screen, but we did seem to get a great view of Peanuts face throughout the scan. The weeks seem to be flying by now. My only craving is ice cubes....I can't get enough of them. Though at least it's cheap!!! The nursery is almost complete now, just a few minor things to do. I will share some pictures with you all once I'm happy it's finished. Thanks for your lovely comments Nettie.xx


  1. awwww nettie, peanut is looking so cute, i am sure i can see a little smile in that first piccy?!!!! maybe you could jazz up the ice cubes by making them with a bit of fresh orange!!!!!! xxxx

  2. Morning Nettie

    I've come over all goose pimples, nature never fails to amaze me.

    It looks like he/she is looking at you, thank you so much for sharing something so precious.

    B x

  3. Oh, this is so exciting! I'm so happy for you that the baby is healthy and things are going well. Looking forward to pics of the baby's room :)

  4. I would say thats one happy penut with a very cheesy grin - gorgeous! Cheers Claire x

  5. Hi Nettie, what a gorgeous thing to share with us, I am so happy that peanut is growing (he/she is really pretty!). Piccys of the nursery next please,
    big hugs
    En xx


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