Sunday, 27 June 2010

So Proud of You Mum

Some of you may already know that my mum and I volunteer for our local Pilgrims Hospice in Ashford, Kent. Well, last night mum took part in their Moonlight Walk in Ashford. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take part for obvious reasons, but mum did me proud...............................
Mum is the one on the left, complete with pink cowgirl hat!! The walk was a total of 10km and she completed the walk in 2 hours. She has been suffering with an injury but she didn't let that deter her. As you can see from the sign on her back, mum did her walk in aid of my gran Vera who died of cancer.
The walk started at 10.30pm last night, so it was a late one for all involved. The streets of Ashford were lined with a sea of flashing bunning ears as far as the eye could see. They got some amazing support along the way and I can't begin to think of the amount of money each one of these ladies have raised.
As you can see there were lots of flashing bunny ears and general flashing lights!! Myself, my dad and hubby drove around the route, making sure that mum got the support she needed to complete the walk (cruel I know).
I just want to say..................I know your aching now mum but I'm so proud of you for completing the walk and for raising all that money. Love you Nettie.xx


  1. This is fantastic...Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Who is that funny looking woman ???
    Thank you both for being with me all the way through saturday night.
    Hopefully next year may be you will be in good health to join me.
    Fab photos & thank you again.
    I absolutly adore your cheeky monkey card so I know Kieran will love it.
    Love Mum xxx

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