Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Get Well Soon Mum

It's been a weird day today, although I did manage a little crafting my heart wasn't in it.
My mum started to feel unwell on Sunday when we were doing the boot fair and I was a little concerned. A few days on and she's not feeling great at all. Turns out that she has been unlucky and caught the dreaded Swine Flu!! So she has put in her order for the medication so hopefully that should start to take effect shortly and she will start feeling better...................So get well soon mum.
The downside is that due to my recent large op I'm at risk so I'm not allowed near mum until she is all clear. Never mind we shall have to make up for it by talking lots on the telephone...............I will post my makes for today on tomorrows post as the camera is charging. Thanks Nettie.x

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